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Advanced Scientific Concepts - Peregrine Series 3D Flash LIDAR Vision Systems(TM)
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Peregrine 3D Flash LIDAR Vision System™

ASC is the world’s leader in 3D Flash LIDAR cameras.  ASC designed the Peregrine family of 3D Flash LIDAR Video Cameras  as lightweight, low power 3D video cameras that output range (point cloud) and intensity in real-time for use in a wide range of applications ranging from aerial mapping to active safety to surveillance.  Peregrines are used by automotive companies to evaluate 3D Flash LIDAR cameras for their active safety and autonomous applications such as collision avoidance and lane departure warning systems.

Functional Description

The lightweight Peregrine camera is a solid state 3D staring array LIDAR camera with no moving parts other than a fan [i.e., it is not a scanning Lidar device].  Peregrines illuminate an area of interest represented by the field of view of the lens with a single short [5 nanosecond] Class I (eye-safe) laser pulse per frame and captures the reflected laser light in the form of 3D range point clouds and co-registered intensity data.  With 128 x 32 [4,096] pixels and a 4:1 aspect ratio, Peregrine cameras operate up to 20Hz.  Peregrines are configured with a choice of bayonet mount lenses options of 60°x15°, 45°x11.25°, 30°x7.5° and 15°x3.75°.


  • Size: Front Face, 5cm x 7.6cm; Depth with lens (short) and fan, 14.95cm
  • Pixels: 128 x 32
  • Power: 24 watts to start; less than 13 watts continuous
  • Weight: <680gs without cables or lens
  • Mounting: Front face flange or via ¼ x 20 camera mount under front face flange
  • Thermal path: Fan


  • Standard operational temperature range: -5° to 35° C (full performance)
  • Operational temperature range: -30° to 0° C and >35° to 50° (reduced performance)
  • Survivability: -55° to +80° C
  • Water resistant, rain will reduce range performance; dust and moisture resistant fan
  • Altitude: -75 m to 5,486 m MSL (-250 to 18,000 feet), sea level = 0 meters

System Power

  • Voltage: 128x32: 12.0VDC +/- 10%
  • Maximum current: 2 amps; 3mJ version up to 5 amps

Shock and Vibration Limits

Constraint Operating Non-operating
Shock 20 G's, 11 msec, half-sine 30 G's, 11 msec, half-sine
Vibration 0.2 G's, 5 to 500 Hz swept-sine 1.0 G's, 5 to 500 Hz swept-sine
Handling Drop N/A 1m


  • Minimum range from camera receiver lens, < 8 inches (20.3cm)
  • Maximum range of object detection with reflectivity (albedo) of 10% depends upon laser power; less range with less reflection (lower albedo)
  • “Normal”  for the 4:1 aspect ratio is vertical orientation with sensor/lens above laser aperture


  • Pulse width (expected): ~5 nSec +/- 3nSec FWHM
  • Run at rate: Up to 20 Hz; optional 30 Hz  available
  • Active cooling (dust resistant fan)
  • Full laser performance with case temperature -5° to 35°C
  • Performance temperature >35°C or less than -5°, TBR
  • Wavelength: Class I (eye-safe) operating 1.57um for 3mJ or better output

Ethernet Port

  • Standard Ethernet per IEEE 802.3u 1995 [8 pin connector]
  • Camera power supply thru unused pins per ICD A15002
  • Standard 100BASE-T protocol and voltage levels, 5V compatible
  • Possible to synchronize frames (data capture) on up to 8 cameras with 2D cameras and GPS/INS via ROS (.bag files)
  • Supporting ROS running Ubuntu Linux

Bayonet Lenses for 3DVAC-PG-2832-PC-3.0

  • 15° FOV Lens Part Number: 104160  Diffuser Part Number: 104290
  • 30° FOV Lens Part Number: 104065  Diffuser Part Number: 104071
  • 45° FOV Lens Part Number 102330   Diffuser Part Number: 101973
  • 60° FOV Lens Part Number: 103706  Diffuser Part Number: 104072

June 2015

Catalog Number Pixels Laser Energy FPS (max.) Lens Mount Max. Range    
3DAVC-2832-PC-3.0 128 x 32 3.0 mJoules @    1.57 um 20 Hz Bayonet Lens Dependent    
Lens/Focal Length Weight Distortion at Edge Part # Diffuser Part # Diffuser Part #
15° FOV Bayonet Mount 29.8° = 25.4mm 120g -0.7% 104160 4:1 Aspect Ratio 104... Square 104290
30° FOV Bayonet Mount 15.1° = 48.6mm 80g -5% 104065 4:1 Aspect Ratio 104... Round 104071
15° FOV Bayonet Mount 15.1° = 48.6mm 70g -9%


4:1 Aspect Ratio 10... 45 x 22 101973
15° FOV Bayonet Mount 15.1° = 48.6mm 80g -6.4% 103706 4:1 Aspect Ratio 104... Square 104072

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