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TigerEye 3D Flash LIDAR Camera Kit™


The TigerEye Camera Kit has been developed for the purpose of allowing ASC’s customers to design and model their systems including development of hardware and software interfaces, control points, as well as allowing for quality design decisions. ASC provides custom design camera development services under a separate Professional Services Agreement.

The TigerEye is a small form-factor (11 x 11.2 x 12.1 cm) integrated 3D Flash LIDAR Video Camera (3D FLVC) that is comprised of three primary components, the (A) Base Unit, the (B) Lens/Diffuser/Laser and the (C) Cooling System.
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DragonEye 3D Flash LIDAR Space Camera™


The DragonEye Space Camera™ is a lightweight, small form-factor (11.2 x 11.9 x 12.2 cm) integrated 3D FLC, capable of capturing a full array of 128x128 independently triggered pixels per each frame up to 10 frames per second, allowing 16,300 3D range data and intensity points to be generated as 3D point cloud images or video streams in real-time. Designed for NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) applications and working with Space Exploration Corporation, the DragonEye is the right sensor for Automated Rendezvous and Docking (AR&D) with the International Space Station and On-orbit Satellite Servicing. The DragonEye has been tested on NASA’s STS-127 (Endeavour Obiter) and is mounted currently on the STS-133 (Discovery) for a round of pre-deployment tests. This is the same 3D camera sensor engine being used by NASA Langley Research Center as the core 3D Flash LIDAR sensor engine for the Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance (ALHAT) efforts.

The DragonEye consists of three primary components, the (A) 3D sensor engine, the (B) laser illuminator with lens/diffuser and the (C) cooling surfaces/vacuum enclosure.
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Portable 3D Flash LIDAR Camera Kit™


The Portable 3D Flash LIDAR Camera Kit™ is a modular system that has been shipping since 2004. This 3D camera allows ASC’s customers the maximum flexibility to evaluate, design and model their target 3D camera solution. The Portable camera is larger than the TigerEye and provides a wide range of options facilitating hardware and software interface and control point development, as well as modeling quality design decisions.
The Portable 3D Flash LIDAR Camera Kit is a medium form-factor 3D Flash LIDAR camera that is comprised of several components including, the (A) Base Unit which contains the eye-safe laser and sensor engine, (B) the optical lens and diffusers, (C) cooling options, (D) licensed software, and (E) an optional 2D camera.

The modular Portable 3D Flash LIDAR Camera integrated with an eye-safe 1.57um, air-cooled, diode-pumped laser, a 85mm, F/1.4 (custom) lens with optional co-aligned thermal camera. The total system weight is ~6.5kg, depending upon lens configuration (i.e. the larger the lens, the greater the weight).

There is a wide range of options available for the Portable Camera, including various lens/diffusers, lasers with power options depending on range requirements. The Portable system is operated in conjunction with laptop computer which is used to control the camera and display the 3D images and video streams. This Portable system can also be used with the customer’s lasers, lens and computers, provided the total system conforms to ASC’s system design requirements. The 20 Hz system is designed for real-time 3D video stream acquisition and allows for 1 to 20 frames per second. 30Hz operations are possible in burst mode. Because of the array of possible system choices, it is recommended having a consultation with an ASC Sales representative to determine the exact usage and requirements. Customized lasers are available. It is possible to reconfigure the Portable to support 1.06 um lasers if required.
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