Advanced scientific concepts Portable 3D Flash LIDAR Evaluation Kit

Advanced Scientific Concepts Laser Rod ASC 3D Flash LIDAR

ASC TigerEye 3D Flash LIDAR Camera with Lens


Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc (ASC) was founded in Santa Barbara, California by Dr. Roger Stettner in 1987 to focus on emerging technologies specifically related to enhanced imaging and applications.

The company’s focus is 3D Flash LIDAR™ technologies and cameras. Today, unique real time 3D video cameras, built on ASC’s patented technology, collect full frames of 3D point cloud data per single laser pulse (Flash LIDAR), up to 60 frames per second. Capturing both range and intensity with these cameras allows for a wide range of uses for DOD, space, automotive, and other commercial applications.

In 2012, ASC spun out a new company, ASCar, Inc. to focus solely on the automotive industry, resulting in the development of the G6 and Peregrine series of cameras. These cameras have set the bar for solid state time-of-flight cameras that are immune to sun interference, and can image through dust, smoke & fog or at night while using Class 1 eye-safe lasers for illumination. 

In 2015, the sale of AsCar Inc. was completed to a tier 1 automotive supplier. Their focus is to support the automotive industry and commercial business segments only. Advanced Scientific Concepts continues at the same Santa Barbara location as ASC LLC. Our focus is now entirely concentrated on Military, DOD, manned flight, and Space business segments. Innovative solutions continue with advancements in the technology with large format 320 X 320 FPAs that will provide significant improvements in resolution, and leveraging the new Peregrine and G6 products by ruggedizing for DOD applications where size, weight, power, and cost are critical.