Roger Stettner Advanced Scientific Concepts ASC 3D Flash LIDAR

Dr. Roger Stettner, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Roger Stettner is the Board Chairman of Advanced Scientific Concepts, LLC.   As founder and visionary of ASC, Roger was instrumental in the major physics breakthroughs resulting in the 3D Flash LIDAR™ technologies for lightweight, robust, solid-state 3D time-of-flight cameras.   The companies' 3D cameras are used in applications ranging from automotive (ADAS, predictive suspension, etc.) to space-based operations (rendezvous & docking with the ISS, landing on asteroids, etc.), unmanned aeriel operations (mapping, helicopter brownout landing, imaging through water, autonomous aerial refueling, etc.), to ground vehicles operations (mining, security, etc).

Roger holds over fifteen (15) patents in fields ranging from 3D imaging LIDAR to underwater 3D imaging to automotive collision avoidance systems.

Roger received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Chicago and studied under Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist Professor S. Chandrasekhar, an MA in Physics from Columbia University, Bell Telephone Laboratory Program and his BS in Physics from the City University of New York.

Jim Curriden Advanced Scientific Concepts ASC 3D Flash LIDAR

Jim Curriden, President

Jim Curriden has 32 years of experience in the defense and aerospace industry and has been entirely focused on technology development and product delivery to the end user. His first seven years were in electronic digital design for military avionics and then moved into management roles ever since. He has held multiple positions in engineering management and program management at Delco Electronics, General Motors Defense, General Dynamics Land systems, Raytheon Vision Systems, Raytheon Electronic Warfare Systems, and Advanced Scientific Concepts Inc.

Jim has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, and graduated in June 1984


JoAnn Stettner Advanced Scientific Concepts ASC 3D Flash LIDAR

JoAnn Stettner, Vice President

JoAnn Stettner is responsible for all company operations for ASC 3D ranging from finance, human resources to compliance to facilities. She has been with ASC since January 1997 and supervises areas such as camera component scheduling, camera deliveries, all business accounting, contract accounting, property accounting and payroll functions. JoAnn also deals directly with all Government contracting offices and Government auditing offices.

JoAnn has over 18 years of accounting, business software design and management experience at Union Bank of California. Starting as an account manager she rose to Vice President of the Accounting Department supervising 25 accountants, dealing directly with Federal Reserve Banks and becoming an expert in accounting software.

Michael Dahlin Advanced Scientific Concepts ASC 3D Flash LIDAR

Michael Dahlin, Director of Business Development

Michael has over 33 years of business development, general management, program management, and system / electrical engineering experience in the electro-optical industry. He has been involved with product development and the production of visible and infrared imaging sensors for the commercial, military, and the space markets. He hold two patents in the field of hyper/multispectral technology.

Michael obtained an Electrical and Computer Engineering Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.